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Weight Loss without Dieting 
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Most of us overeat due to emotional or habitual reasons - we eat to satisfy our minds rather than because we are physically hungry. It may be that you eat when you are bored or stressed, or maybe you consider you eat healthily but you eat too much - there is a reason why you do so. 
Losing weight is quite simple you need to eat less and increase your activity levels. That is nothing new and it is a fact, if you consume more calories than you expend then you will gain weight. 
So lets ask these questions... 
Do you really want to lose weight? 
Do you know how to lose weight? 
Why do you find it so difficult? 
You have been creating eating habits and patterns that have now become subconcious that means you do this without conciously thinking about it. 
When your behaviour is subconcious then is is extremely difficult to change it conciously, that could be one of the reasons you find it so difficult. 
How can hypnotherapy help? 
Hypnotherapy enables direct access to the subconcious part of the mind, enabling you to to take control and 
change old destructive eating habits and create a new healthy and positive relationship with food permanantly. 
There are 5 key steps to losing weight and keeping it off permanantly. 
1. Honesty 
2. Set realistic goals 
3. Prepare your subconcious mind to take control 
4. Food 
5. Activity 
In the first instance you are invited to an inital consultation which is free of charge. Here we will discuss in detail your goals, your expectations from hypnotherapy. 
I will explain to you how the mind works, why you have found it so difficult in the past and how we are going to change that to enable you to take control of your eating habits. 
During this process you will learn self hypnosis so you will have these skills for life. 
Your weight loss plan will be taylored to you individually, dependant upon your needs and personality. We are all individuals therefore one plan does not fit all. 
Perhaps, most importantly full support from someone who truly understands.