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Are you tired of the same old thing 
come and join us for Team Lighter 
T.E.A.M stands for Think, Eat, and Move differently, we do it as a TEAM and the aim is to end up Lighter.  
We start with the "Thoughts" everything we do starts with a thought, when we change the way we think we change everything. Lets face it losing weight isn't rocket science, eat less and move why do we find it so difficult...that is where I come in... 
Being "on a diet"... "off a diet"... "wish I could stick to a diet"... "I've got no will power"... "I'm just hopeless"..."No point in even starting know I will put all the wight back on again"..."Lost all my confidence"..."No self esteem" 
I've heard it all before, day in day out from 100's of ladies, and I have experienced it all myself personally. 
Come and join us for Team Lighter, we are often more successful as a team many people enjoy the social aspect of the group and feel less isolated in your quest for a slimmer you. 
We will have fun, and you will discover new ways to help you become that person you always wanted to be, slimmer, fitter, healthier, more confident, with higher self esteem, the benefits are enormous. You will make some new friends on your pesonal jouney of change. 
For more information about the group or to book your place please call 01626 832203 or 07971 074042 as soon as possible. Places are strictly limited and by reservation only. 
The next groups will start September 18th morning goup 9.30 am - 11am and the evening session 6.30pm - 8pm 
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