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Stop Smoking  
Change your life for the better 
Stop Smoking in just 1½ hours  
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It is quite possibly the best gift you will ever give yourself. 
I know it was for me! 
Let me Help you to  
Stop Smoking 
The physical addiction to cigarettes is less than 10% the rest is in the mind, which can be re-educated using hypnosis. 
I will explain how your subconscious has created such a dangerous habit and remind you of the dangers to the mind and body of smoking, and how hypnosis can help you STOP SMOKING forever. 
So long as you have a genuine desire to STOP SMOKING you can leave the session a non-smoker with no unpleasant side effects. 
As an added bonus many people find there are benefits, other than those listed such as confidence improves self esteem improves there is often an overall sense of achievement and empowerment. Life simply gets better. 
Benefits of Stopping Smoking 
You reduce your risk of getting serious disease no matter what age you Stop Smoking 
Breathing Improves 
Chest Infections and colds reduce 
Reduction in "Smokers Cough" 
Smell of stale tobacco on clothes, hair, breath and face goes. 
Food and drink tastes and smell much better 
Finances improve immediately 
Complexion and circulation 
You look healthier and feel better about yourself 
Physical activity is easier 
For a 20 a day smoker you will save in the region of £3,500.00 per year 
What will you do with your £3,500.00? 
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